Coffee by Moonlight

Or: Fetus in a Diaper

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This community, based out of Tacoma, Washington, originated as a place where a few friends could share their artforms and humour with each other, and has been growing to include members from all over the United States, and even a few worldwide.

The Cafe welcomes anyone and everyone to join in on the fun (whether they are artistic.. or just appreciate art and humour).. to help it grow into something even more wonderful. Make your own post, or leave a comment/critique for someone else. If you have any suggestions to make this group better, please don't hesitate to speak up. :)

One last thing.. this community encourages and supports diversity. No haters or instigators.. please leave your drama at the door.

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Updated for New Lunatics! To help you remember our daily themes, some of our members suggested I list the themes on the info page..

Here they are:

Sunday: Picture Submission. Photography, drawings, or something you found on the web.

Monday: Movie Quote/Music Lyric Day.

Tuesday: Open.

Wednesday: Witty Wednesday. Submit something you find amusing.

Thursday: Deep Thought Thursday. Give us something to think about.. a rhetorical question.. or perhaps poetry/lyrics.

Friday: The Friday 5. deenie_tot posts 5 questions for y'all to respond to.

Saturday: Open.

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**SHOW SOME INITIATIVE! Don't wait for the mod to make the first post of the day.

**Give credit where credit is due. If you are submitting someone else's work, or something you found online, please indicate who is responsible.

With that said.. Happy Posting!! ~Nadine (Moderator, Moderatrix, Lunaratrix, etc)
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